Saturday, April 24, 2010


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shaun ross is a african american albino model - who I've took interest to. over the course of time. but not for his outstanding editorials or his flamboyant style. what attracted me to shaun was his pure attitude, & honest opinion. aside from shaun being a model he also show a human side to him. which SHOCKED!!!! me because it's been known that a overwhelming amount of exposure change one but not shaun I've never had a chance to meet shaun but did research about him what I've learned about shaun is he is passionate about what he love. so many may start to wonder. how victor oh how do you know shaun a man you know very lilttle about is passionate about what he love?. here is a older post shaun did in titled FASHION FOR DUMMIES!!!! there is my proof. shaun have really inspired me over time thanks shaun . lets embrace and not look down upon each other, lets love and not hate each other lets be art let us live than die but let our legacy live forever victor - dildy

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